Funny and Climate Curious??  Want to make a bigger impact on climate change?

Then this program is for you! The Climate Comedy Cohort is a 9-month fellowship for comedians from around the country who want to flip the script on the way we think about climate change.

Co-created and co-directed by Generation180 & GoodLaugh (Center for Media & Social Impact) this program focuses on creating original comedy that tackles the biggest problem facing the world today. Research shows that the majority of Americans are concerned about climate change, but most know little about meaningful steps they can take. There’s a lot more people can do – actions beyond recycling or bringing their own bags to the grocery store.

Humans now have an unprecedented opportunity to make a huge impact on climate change in their own homes and communities–and most don’t know it! A new climate law (called the Inflation Reduction Act) represents the largest investment in clean energy in U.S. history.  It includes huge financial incentives for Americans to switch to solar, heat pumps, electric stoves, and other types of clean energy. Individuals can also make a massive impact on climate change through policy advocacy. Comedians play an essential role in helping people understand this stuff.

Comedians such as Chris Rock, John Oliver and Wanda Sykes have used comedy as a way to confront issues that may otherwise seem intimidating to tackle in everyday conversation. And that’s exactly why it’s necessary to support comedians in creating content around climate change.

Throughout the Climate Comedy Cohort program, fellows will learn from experts and collaborate to create funny content that grabs people’s attention and makes clean energy solutions come to life. The idea is: Learn a ton, make funny content, and keep using it in your material–even after the cohort. If you’re thinking about ways to make a bigger, long-term impact around climate issues and work with other brilliant comedians, apply below!